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Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF)

Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF)

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The Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) emerged from the technical workshop of the Department of Biochemistry of the UZH.

We support researchers by providing technical solutions and tools to aid with their scientific enquiry.

Together with the customer we analyze the situation and define framework conditions. Subsequently, we develop concepts which are suitable for goal-oriented and easy-to-implement solutions.

We assist in selecting the right material and the manufacturing process.

Our services include the manufacturing, procurement, assembly and commission of the parts required.

For the production of the parts, we are equipped with the most modern 3D printing machines. This technology enables us to produce complex prototypes promptly and cost-effectively. This service can be applied to a wide variety of plastics, with the possibility to refine or color the surfaces using appropriate processes.

A fast and practical solution is important for us.


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