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Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF)

Term and Conditions

Engineering, Design and Consulting

Ordering Process for 3D-printing

Please, share your ideas with us. Maybe you have already worked out a sketch or concept. We support you in the development of technical solutions.

The selection of the best appropriate manufacturing technology and subsequent post processing steps to reach your desired functionality are part of our service as well.

The elaborated production documents (3D files, drawings) are part of the service. 

Ordering Process for 3D-printing

Place a request by e-mail (

What we need:

  • Quantity
  • 3D date as STEP-file (in some cases STL, DICOM, SLDPRT or WRML) (AM Design Guidelines)
  • In some cases Drawing for functional mass definition
  • Additive manufacturing Technologie (Technologies)
  • Postprocessing according description (Postprocesses)

We will give you feedback on feasibility and delivery date. Let us know if you need a quote.

Delivery Time and Shipping

We will try to complete your order within 10 days. This depends on the situational workload.
Express deliveries within 5 working days are possible for an additional charge.
You can pick up your parts directly from us (Karte Anfahrt UZH Irchel (JPG, 649 KB))
Parcel delivery and delivery by courier will be charged extra.

Terms of Agreement

It is your responsibility that the required/chosen technology fulfills your requirements and that the design is compatible with the AMF design guidelines.

If the guidelines are not met, we will contact you.

We cannot guarantee that the part will match your expectations after production, if you have modeled the design incorrectly. Although we do our best to give your design a brief checkup, not all inconsistencies regarding design restrictions may be identified.

Service Level

We process all requests according to first come, first serve. SLS requires batch production and gets done whenever enough parts are in queue for a reliable price. Usually, this happens at least once a week. Express production will be calculated individually.

Intellectual property rights

The customers own the rights to the results as ordered and obtained from AMF. AMF owns and retains the rights in and to all other results including any intellectual property rights pertaining thereto such as but not limited to methods, tools, know-how, software, hardware, models used, developed or improved in the course of the performance of the services. 

Warranty and liability

All products and results provided by AMF to the customer are provided AS IS. AMF makes no warranties or representations regarding the products and results, neither express nor implied, including but not limited to warranties of originality, accuracy, correctness, merchantability, completeness, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of third party rights.

AMF shall not assume liability for any force majeure events or any damages, including but not limited to any indirect or consequential loss or similar damage suffered in connection with a product or result.