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Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF)

User Fees

Definition of Groups of customers which are eligible for different fees

  • Group A: UZH, USZ, ETH/UZH Double institutes, ZHAW/ZhdK
  • Group B: non-commercial (Cern, PSI, ETH)
  • Group C: commercial

Service Fees

Service Groupe A Group B Group C
Engineering, Design and Consulting 120.- CHF/h + 20% Market level
Manufacturing, repairs, service work 100.- CHF/h + 20% Market level

Additive Manufacturing and Postprocessing*

(calculated individually depending on the required materials and methods)**

20% below Market level

Market level Market level

* Consultancy fee for a manufacturing order 30.- CHF

** Graduated prices (the unit price is reduced for larger quantities)

If you order your parts by post or courier, delivery charges apply.